So Their Sacrifice is Never Forgotten

Luis "Izzy" Irizarry, is a 21 year veteran of law enforcement. Beginning his career in 1996, Izzy began working as a Correction Officer with the Florida Department of Corrections. Izzy later joined the Lake County Sheriff’s Office where he became dual certified as a Deputy Sheriff. Izzy ultimately joined the Orange County Sheriff's Office as a Deputy Sheriff where he proudly serves the greater Orlando area.
Izzy is an accomplished law enforcement professional who currently serves as a Corporal supervising the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Youth Services Section. Currently on the list for Sergeant, Izzy continues to progress professionally and personally as he serves the citizens of Orange County. Izzy is also very well respected amongst his subordinates and peers. His knowledge and experiences has been asset to Orange County.
Izzy has been a part of the Wounded Officers Initiative since 2015. His dedication to the organization and the cause has helped the organization grow tremendously. In 2017 Izzy took on a leadership role in the Wounded Officers Initiative and began overseeing projects like Heroes Weekend and the Wounded Pension Reform Act. In mid-2017 Izzy was appointed Vice President and Co-Chair of the Wounded Officers Initiative. Izzy’s drive to make the organization succeed is simple; it’s all about the wounded.

Luis "Izzy" Irizarry

viCE president, wounded officers initiative