So Their Sacrifice is Never Forgotten


Suicide, substance abuse, and divorce within law enforcement are all too common. The Wounded Officers Initiative is working on the implementation of a National peer based support program called BlueLine Support. The program works in collaboration with mental health specialists which will provide on demand counseling to all wounded, active, and retired officers at no out of pocket cost to them.

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Working with agency heads, political leaders, and a legal team the Wounded Officers Initiative is developing a National Legislative Bill outlining a standard medical retirement plan which includes medical coverage and financial compensation for catastrophically injured officers whom retire as a result of their injury. The Wounded Officers Initiative is also seeking to work with financial institutions such as mortgage and revolving credit companies in developing an interest forgiveness program for catastrophically injured retired officers.

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With the cooperation of Municipal, County, State, and Federal agencies the Wounded Officers Initiative will launch a web site where it will actively provide up to date information on law enforcement officers who were injured in the line of duty. The site will categorize the injury and provide a brief description of the incident. The web site will maintain the statistical data for public use in hopes the data will be used to educate the public on the dangers of law enforcement, assist agencies in the development of training and policies, and assist manufacturers in the development of better safety equipment for officers.

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The Wounded Officers Initiative’s motto “So Their Sacrifice is Never Forgotten” speaks to our commitment to recognize the sacrifice made by catastrophically injured officers. At the time a wounded officer is retired their sacrifice will be recognized, and their story told, on the Wounded Officers Initiative web site. The Wounded Officers Initiative also created “The Living Heroes Policy” which has 2 basic principles; Honor a catastrophically injured officer who is being retired in a ceremony where other agencies and the media are invited to attend; Remembrance through the erection of a shrine within public view bearing the name of the catastrophically injured Officer. Wounded Officers Initiative will raise funds for the building of a statue to honor all those past, present, and future that were catastrophically injured in the line of duty. We hope to work with the Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund in the placement of the statue at the memorial in Washington DC.

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The Wounded Officers Initiative is seeking to create partnerships with educational institutions where a retired catastrophically injured officer can earn a degree and/or receive specialized training for a new profession. In the event a catastrophically injured officer is not able to take advantage of the education benefit because of their injuries, their spouse may participate in the education benefit if currently unemployed. The Wounded Officers Initiative will also work with employment agencies and employers to assist in getting the wounded officer placed in their new career.

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