BlueLine Support™ of Central Florida is the first regional counseling program of the Wounded Officers Initiative, Inc. BlueLine Support™ of Central Florida when fully operational will serve 65 law enforcement agencies in 5 counties (Orange, Seminole, Brevard, Ocseola, and Lake) with a combined population of over 10,000 active, retired, and wounded law enforcement officers.

The BlueLine Support™ model is a volunteer peer support officer based program. The program utilizes a network of trained police oriented Mental Health Professionals (MHPs) and operates within a geographic region to serve all officers in that area regardless of status (wounded/active/retired), rank, or agency. BlueLine Support™ provides intervention, prevention, resiliency, and self-care services in a safe and confidential setting.

Because the MHP will bill for their services through the client officer's private health insurance, HIPPA laws will apply and 100% confidentiality can be afforded and maintained. Any co-pays or other deductibles due the MHP is covered by the Wounded Officers Initiative so that there is no out of pocket cost to the client officer seeking assistance. 

Access to BlueLine Support™ begins through a 24 hour hotline, 855-WOI-BLUE, which directly connects the calling client officer with a carefully selected and trained volunteer peer support officer. The peer support officer will explore the client officer's issues to determine the appropriateness of a referral to one of our trained MHPs. Many times simply speaking to a peer support officer gives the client officer the necessary perspective and relief needed to address the issues without the need for a referral.

For those times in which a referral may be warranted, the peer support officer will provide that referral to the client officer based upon their geographical location, health insurance, and presenting issue(s). In those cases where a referral is given the peer support officer, will follow up with the client officer to ensure that adequate services are being provided.

The MHPs utilized by WOI are carefully selected to include only those who have demonstrated an understanding in police culture, agency dynamics, and what an officer experiences daily. Most often this is achieved by the MHP having dealt previously with law enforcement officers in their private practices, having LEO family members, or having been an LEO themselves prior to becoming a MHP. Each selected MHP is also trained by BlueLine Support™ prior to any officer being referred to them for further assistance.

Requirements for Volunteer Peer Support Officers.

Prospective peer supporters must meet the following criteria:

  • Have been or remain an active sworn law enforcement or correctional officer
  • In good standing with their department
  • Willing to be on-call
  • Agree to maintain strict confidentiality
  • Be empathic and possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Be motivated and willing to manage time effectively
  • Successfully complete the selection process
  • Attend and successfully complete the minimum training program
  • Agree to participate in any necessary initial and ongoing training

Selection of a peer support officer will be made by the peer support advisory committee consisting of members from the BlueLine Support™ program and Mental Health Professionals. The selection process consists of application for volunteer peer support officer, panel interview, background check, and Peer2Peer training program.

855 - WOI - BLUE


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So Their Sacrifice is Never Forgotten

BlueLine Support of Central Florida is currently seeking

Volunteer Peer Support Officers, Trainers, and mental health professionals within the Orange, seminole, osceola, lake, and brevard counties.

Volunteer Peer Support Officer Application Click Here

For Completed Peer Support Applications and/ or general inquiries email;

Additional information regarding BlueLine Support™ and other programs of the Wounded Officers Initiative are available in our "GOALS" section.

BlueLine Support™ is managed by Clinical Director, Dr. David San Filippo, PhD and also utilizes a volunteerBoard of Advisorsin its development of services.

​BlueLine Support™ is completely funded through donations. 100% of all donated funds go directly towards Wounded Officers Initiative's programs.